It doesn't get much better than this mash-up of our Triple Choc Fudge Brownie and Classic Rocky Road recipe. A thick slab of dark chocolate brownie peppered with chunks of handmade fudge topped with a wedge of dark chocolate, biscuit, raisins and marshmallows. Total indulgence. All Vegan. No Gluten. No Nuts. 

Box of Big Fat Slabs: Rocky Road Brownie

  • Rocky Road Brownie: Corn flour, soft brown sugar, granulated sugar, sunflower oil, cocoa powder (cocoa powder, acidity regulator E501), 70% minimum dark chocolate (cocoa mass, xylitol,cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin), gluten-free biscuit [gluten free plain flour, gluten free oat* flour, corn flour, raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), vegan marshmallows (Glucose,-fructose syrup, sugar, dextrose, carrageenan, maize starch, hydrolized rice protein, flavour (vanilla), polyphosphate, E425(i), colours: E162 E171), golden syrup, milled flaxseed, rice milk (water, rice (14%), sunflower oil, calcium phosphate, stabilizer: gellan gum, sea salt, Vitamins D and B12), dairy-free butter (Vegetable Oils (Sunflower (21%), Rapeseed, Palm); Water; Salt; Emulsifiers – E471, Sunflower Lecithin; Preservative – Potassium Sorbate; Acid – Lactic Acid; B Vitamins (Niacin, B6, B2, Folic Acid & B12); Flavouring; Colours – Annatto, Curcumin) gluten free baking powder (mono calcium phosphate, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate), natural vanilla essence (propylene glycol E1520), salt. Drizzle: dark chocolate (see above), dairy-free butter (see above)

    * We use gluten free oats tested to <2 ppm but highlight the oats because we recognise that some people are allergic to oats whether or not they contain gluten.